U.S. exports civilian aircraft, medical equipment to China every year

It is true: Americans are no longer making snow globes or t-shirts. Instead, the United States is relying on China to manufacture those goods and ship it to the U.S. at a fraction of the cost. Meanwhile, American workers are helping export civilian … [Read more...]

How much will your Starbucks frappuccino cost with a $15 minimum wage?

If a $15 minimum wage is adopted by a majority of states across the country, or perhaps even around the world, how much would your Starbucks frappuccino cost? What about a McDonald's 10-piece nugget meal? Or a Whopper meal from Burger King? Here … [Read more...]

Mark Cuban gets it right – basic income is ‘one of the worst possible responses’

Automation has been accelerating in the last couple of years. Due to governments around the world raising minimum wages, regulations and taxes, companies are responding by turning to technology, particularly in the form of robots and … [Read more...]

Study: 75% of Venezuelans lost 19 pounds in 2016, 82% live in poverty

If you want to shed some weight then perhaps it is time to relocate to the socialist paradise known as Venezuela. A new report suggests that a majority of Venezuelans have lost a of weight over the past year due to the paucity of food thanks to … [Read more...]

17 signs a recession is coming

The United States economy, for the most part, has been riding high since the economic collapse. Due to the policies of the Federal Reserve, the stock market has reached record highs, the labor market hovers around a five percent unemployment rate and … [Read more...]

A reminder for GOP & Democrats: Government — Not Technology — Is Driving Prices Up

By: Michel Accad Should we blame technology for the growth in healthcare spending? Austin Frakt, a healthcare economist who writes for the New York Times, thinks so. Citing several studies conducted over the last several years, he claims that … [Read more...]

Study: Auto loan delinquency rates surge to eight-year highs

A growing number of Americans are falling behind on payments for their automobile loans, says a new study by the Federal Reserve. These numbers haven't been this high in eight years, the height of the economic collapse. New data from the Federal … [Read more...]

How will technology change with Generation Z?

In an interview with BBC, Russell Forrest, a 16-year old student said, “It’s hard to remember a world without technology."  He is one of the UK’s "brilliant minds" in digital technology, and one who is committed to reducing the country’s skill gap … [Read more...]

U.S. student debt rises 18th straight year to $1.31 trillion in 2016

This is just another example of how when the government intervenes into something the problem just gets a lot worse. For the 18th consecutive year, student loan debt in the United States has risen, says a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank … [Read more...]

Industry Outlook: Consumer trends in appliances market

Based on the report by Grand View Research, the future of the global kitchen appliance market looks very bright. It is predicted that within the next 6 years the market will be worth approximately $246 billion. It is also projected that there will … [Read more...]