Housing Bubble 2.0: Michigan bank offers zero-down mortgage

Credit restrictions that were imposed soon after the collapse of the housing bubble about a decade ago have gradually been removed. You're finding more and more financial institutions reducing standards, offering subprime borrowers more credit. In … [Read more...]

WRITE A CHECK: Leftist Billionaires Virtue Signal on Tax Cuts

By: Gary Galles As happens every time any sort of tax change that can be demonized as “tax cuts for the rich” is proposed, the Trump administration’s framework for tax reform has been met with “tax me more” virtue signaling. The latest installment … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (GOP tax reform, leftist media, sex surrogates)

News Story of the Day: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has she provided us with years of entertainment with her corrupt political career and book of excuses, she continues to open her mouth with … [Read more...]

Did Murray Rothbard predict the rise of Amazon, Netflix in 1973?

Legendary economist Murray Rothbard was an astute individual. And that is definitely an understatement. He could talk about anything: politics, economics and even film. Well, it seems he could even predict the future and the rise of … [Read more...]

Amazon slashes Whole Foods Market prices AGAIN

Yay for capitalism! Soon after Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods was approved, the grocery store slashed its prices within a single day in both Canada and the United States. Everything from avocados to eggs to perogies, prices came down, but … [Read more...]

STUDY: True cost of U.S. war on terror is $5.6 trillion, 7,000 deaths

Neoconservatives, military Keynesians and the two-party cohorts must be thrilled by a new paper that highlights the true cost of the war on terror, which is now known as the overseas contingency operation. According to a new study by Brown … [Read more...]

Chart: U.S. trade deficit vs. U.S. household net worth

For years, protectionists on both sides of the aisle have said that the United States trade deficit has impacted the net worth of Americans. President Donald Trump got into the White House by proclaiming that the Forgotten Man is getting poorer … [Read more...]

Seattle socialists want employee head tax to pay for housing, homeless

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos rocked business headlines a month ago when he announced that he is searching for a second headquarters in North America. This has led to countless dubious and questionable offers by mayors across Canada and the United States … [Read more...]

Inflation rate in socialist paradise Venezeula tops 2,600%

Venezuela is hell on Earth. Socialism has ravaged the country, leading to widespread suffering, except for President Nicolas Maduro, who gets to eat empanadas on television. Citizens can't buy anything, and if they are able to purchase something, … [Read more...]

400 millionaires, billionaires urge Congress to NOT cut their taxes

Here is a question: if people want their taxes raised, then why don't they just cut a check to the United States government? It's that simple. The Washington Post is reporting that more than 400 millionaires and billionaires will be penning a … [Read more...]