5 Essentials to Survive Economic Collapse

Preparation will be crucial to survive a total economic collapse. If, for instance, there is a dollar crisis and hyperinflation begins, there will be pandemonium as millions of unprepared people scurry to buy what they can before their money loses any more value. You don’t want to be one of those people. By the time a crisis begins it will be too late as store shelves will be emptied quickly. So here are five items you need to prepare for the coming economic collapse and even prosper when it happens. They are listed in order of importance.

Water – Water is number one on the list because it is probably the most important item you need to survive an economic collapse. You can go weeks without food if necessary but only 3 days without water. Widespread civil service breakdowns, including electricity and water utilities, are a real possibility in an economic collapse. There are a number of ways to ensure you have clean, safe water to drink without resorting to using toxic chemicals such as chlorine. Among the most popular are water filtration systems such as Berkey water filters. These gravity fed systems are a good option if you have a source of water that needs to be filtered to make it safe and drinkable. But what if you don’t have access to a source of water? In that case, another option is an atmospheric water generator like EcoloBlue. These systems pull water (humidity) out of the air – up to 30 liters per day. And even if there is no electricity, they have solar power options. Industrial size systems which can produce up to 5000 liters of water per day are also available.

Food – You will want to have a sufficient supply of food to ride out the coming economic collapse – preferably at least three month’s worth. You should have plenty of foods around that you normally eat and enjoy. But if those are not foods that keep for very long, stocking up can be done by getting non-perishable canned and dry foods. Beans and rice are excellent storable alternatives, as well as quinoa and other healthy grains. There are also plenty of freeze-dried MRE storable foods on the market but as this website points out, they are often not the healthiest. A healthy alternative is storable organics. And planting your own garden is always a good idea if you are able and have the land for it.  But even a few square yards behind your apartment is better than nothing.

Medicine – During an economic collapse it may be difficult or impossible to get antibiotics or painkillers. If your doctor will not prescribe them for you to stock up on you may still be able to order them on the internet from other countries that do not require them to be prescribed by a doctor. I don’t discount the effectiveness and need for antibiotics, even though they are overused, but you can also use alternative medicines such as colloidal silver and essential oils, which can be very effective and beneficial. And you can learn how to supercharge your immune system so you are less likely to become ill and require medicine.

Precious metals – In the event of a dollar collapse your paper money will lose much or all of its value and purchasing power. That is why it is crucial to posses physical gold or silver so you are not completely wiped out. Gold and silver have already appreciated a lot over the past decade, and even more dramatically in the past year, but both will continue to climb in price as the dollar continues to lose value. Gold and silver coins especially will be needed for trade and to preserve purchasing power during the economic collapse.  I have personally found Golden Eagle Coins and Gainsville Coins to be excellent.

Another great way to accumulate silver and gold is through Silver Saver.  With an account at Silver Saver you can schedule deposits from your bank account and buy gold an silver in real time or on a schedule.  It’s basically an inflation protected savings account.

Firearms/Self-defense – Now that you have all the supplies you need to survive an economic collapse you’ll want to have a way of protecting them, yourself and your family. There will be a lot of people who were not wise or informed enough to prepare and when people get hungry and thirsty they tend to lose inhibitions towards exercising violence to obtain essentials. Even if you are averse to firearms you can still protect yourself by learning self-defense tactics and having various other weapons around to defend yourself with. But the reality is that the modern firearm is the single most effective means of self-defense available. However, owning a gun is not enough. You should also be know how to properly and safely use it. There are many places from which you can acquire training and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is among the best. Even though defense is at the bottom of the list, be sure you do not neglect this necessity, regardless of what means you choose to use.
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