National Inflation Association Reacts to Allegations, Peter Schiff Responds

After Peter Schiff alleged that the National Inflation Association was scamming its members with a pump and dump stock scam, NIA reacted in a manner which Schiff suggests further confirms their guilt.

According to the president of Euro Pacific Capital, rather than directly addressing his specific accusations of a stock scam, the National Inflation Association chose to create a straw man and attack his character instead.  In ad hominem fashion, NIA claimed that Schiff was running a failed brokerage company and that the reason he is attacking NIA is because they were the reason for his failure.  According to Schiff, however, his business is not failing but is expanding with  more profits than ever.

Schiff asserts to the contrary, that NIA is probably responsible for him gaining more clients, as they are spreading his message to a wider audience.  The problem though is that by using his truthful message about the coming economic collapse to scam people into a pump and dump scheme, NIA is tarnishing and discrediting it.

Watch Peter Schiff’s response to the National Inflation Association:

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