Inside Ron Paul’s portfolio: gold and silver stocks

A few publications have gotten their hands on retired Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s portfolio. Most of his portfolio consists of gold and silver stocks. What should be interesting is to see Paul supporters flock to these stocks now and potentially increase the trade value.

Here are the 15 stocks:

–          Barrick Gold

–          Goldcorp

–          Newmont Mining

–          Silver Wheaton

–          AngloGold Ashanti

–          Kinross Gold Corp.

–          Eldorado Gold Corp.

–          Agnico Eagle Miners

–          IAMGOLD Cord

–          Pan Am Silver

–          Coeur d’Alene Mines

–          Hecla Mining

–          Mag Silver Corp.

–          Golden Stars Rsrcs

–          Brigus Gold Corp.

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  1. Reykjavik says:

    Stocks in precious metals and physical PM in bank safe deposit boxes will be seized when the greatest depression comes crashing down. Paper PM is just paper. The only secure way to hold physical PM is to keep it in your personal possession.

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