Peter Schiff: Bernanke Fed bluffing on exit strategy, dollar collapse inevitable

In a new video blog, Peter Schiff explains why the chairman of the Federal Reserve almost comes clean on his lack of an exit strategy to his massive monetary stimulus. 

There is no way the Fed can stop printing as it has created an unsustainable economy which is now dependent on cheap money.  The only exit strategy that will come is when there is a crisis, i.e., when a dollar collapse is looming because of the massive inflation the Fed has created.

Most Americans will be caught off guard when prices start soaring and will wish they had bought precious metals to protect the value of their savings. Now is the time to buy if you haven’t already with the recent pullback in gold and silver prices.

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  1. Brad in NH says:

    Is there any safety investing in sovereign bonds in say Australia or Brazil, countries with low debt or when the collapse happens will is suck everyone down with it? Is the US dollar just too big to not impact all currencies?

  2. Stephen Otto says:

    Brad, I recommend you pick up one of Peter Schiff’s books like Crashproof. He has a unique perspective on where and how to invest in order to avoid losses from a falling dollar.

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