Massive Obamacare propaganda campaign coming to TV and social media

Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, famously dubbed as Obamacare, was passed a few years ago, there have been numerous reports citing the high costs, the unintended consequences and the ramifications of imposing the healthcare reform law. The costly initiative will lead to job losses, part-time employment, lack of personal choice and the risk of losing present healthcare plans offered by companies.

In order to counter these negative studies and projections, the Obama administration will go on a crusade of media propaganda to drive home one important message: Obamacare will benefit all Americans. For the next several months, all cabinet members, White House officials and politicians supporting the healthcare measure will take part in the positive spin on television, social media and in commencement speeches.

BusinessWeek reported Thursday that a few weeks after the president’s re-election victory, President Obama met with roughly 20 senior administration officials at the Roosevelt Room in the White House to discuss the implementation of the healthcare law. What came out of the meeting was a media campaign.

The communications platform will be composed of promotions throughout various social media networks and on popular television networks geared toward younger audiences, such as Spike TV and various sports channels.

Another element of the initiative is to get cabinet and administration officials to utilize commencement speeches as ways to inform graduating students and their parents about the supposed benefits of Obamacare. (The latest commencement speech from the president consisted of him urging graduates to “reject” the voices that warn of government tyranny!)

According to the news outlet, the first phase of this media blitz will begin Friday when President Obama meets with women at the White House, who are scheduled to speak about how the healthcare law has already helped their lives.

An administration aide confirmed that the White House has been spending a large amount of time vetting U.S. Census data to locate the uninsured. Officials discovered that approximately one-third of those aged 18 to 34 live in the states of California, Florida and Texas. This means, these areas will be heavily targeted to urge them to take action by purchasing the subsidized coverage.

The second phase has not yet been made clear, but the news organization found that the White House and the Democratic leadership are worried that the general public is not properly prepared for the arrival of Obamacare, which will commence in the next few months.

Soon after the meeting late last year, Anne Filipic, deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, left the White House in order to establish Enroll America, an organization that focuses on promoting Obamacare enrollment. In April, the White House added a communications strategist, Tara McGuinness. She will focus her efforts on promoting Obamacare.

The White House has also allocated about $8 million (your money) to Weber Shandwick Worldwide, a public relations firm, which will concentrate on promoting the law. Caroline Pearson, a vice president at Avalere Health, a Washington consulting firm, noted, however, that the $8 million figure is not enough money for a nationwide campaign.

“The marketing effort will be crucial in figuring out how many people show up,” said Pearson. “And importantly, whether healthy people show up.”

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  1. One thing I know they won’t bring up, or they will totally skirt around it: Is the word “Dhimmitude” which is written in the ObamaCare several times.!! Why? This is really scary, read the meaning of “Dhimmitude” below. Their is no reason for this word to be in the ObamaCare program, UNLESS it’s to use it against us at a later date.!!
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    ————-Read it Carefully———– The term Dhimmitude is derived from Dhimmi, which means a non-Muslim living in an Islamic country. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary has defined it as “a person living in a region overrun by Muslim conquest who was accorded a protected status and allowed to retain his original faith”.[1] According to orthodox Islamic law (Shari’ah), those who are qualified for Dhimmi status within the Muslim society are the free (i.e non-slave) Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians. Adherents of other religions, as well as those without religion, are asked to convert to Islam; if they refuse, they are to be forced to convert. [2] However, historically, adherents of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and other religions, have lived as Dhimmis within Muslim states.
    According to the Qur’an and hadith, Jizyah tax must be paid by the dhimmis as a sign of submission. This gives dhimmis some legal protection in return. As established by the Pact of Omar, dhimmis usually are not allowed to carry arms to protect themselves, serve in the army or government, display symbols of their faith, build or repair places of worship, they must wear distinctive clothing which includes the Zunar (a kind of belt) wherever they go, etc. Many of these laws are still enforced today in Muslim countries, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which enforce various aspects of Shari’ah. If the conquered do not wish to pay or convert, their fate may very well be slavery (under which, rape is permitted) or death. The pact also declares that dhimmis are forbidden to ride horses and camels, and may only ride donkeys, and only on packsaddles.
    The law professor Antoine Fattal offered the following analysis of dhimmitude after close study of Islamic law:
    Dhimma (or dhimmitude) … is one of the results of the jihad or holy war. ; Connected with the notion of jihad is the distinction between dar al-harb (territory or “house” of war) and dar al-islam (house of Islam). The latter includes all territories subject to Muslim authority. It is in a state of perpetual war with the dar al-harb. The inhabitants of the dar al-harb are harbis, who are not answerable to the Islamic authority and whose persons and goods are mubah, that is, at the mercy of Believers. However, when Muslims are in a subordinate state, they can negotiate a truce with the harbis lasting no more than ten years, which they are obliged to revoke unilaterally as soon as they regain the upper hand, following the example of the Prophet after Hudaibiyya The dhimmi, we might say, is a second-class citizen. If they [the ruling Muslims] tolerate him it is a calculated step, whether because they cherish the hope of converting him or for material reasons, because they force him to shoulder virtually the entire burden of taxation. They provide a place for him in the state, but not without reminding him continually of his inferior status. They prevent him from occupying high positions in society, and if by merit or intrigue he manages to climb to such places everything conspires to relegate him once again to obscurity. If the dhimmi acquires an independent legal status or privileges associated with his personal position, if he is permitted even his own courts, it is only because he cannot share with the Faithful the advantages of their own justice, which is essentially religious. In no case is the dhimmi the equal of a Muslim. He is condemned to social inequality and forms part of a despised caste: inequality so far as his personal rights are concerned, inequality in taxation, and inequality before the law, since his testimony is neither accepted by the Muslim courts of justice nor even, for the same minor crime, is the punishment the same … No social relationship, no fellowship is possible between Muslims and dhimmis.[3]

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