Video: Is big business-government collusion trying to kill Lyft’s free market ride-sharing program?

The established taxicab industry is already using the government to curb the growing firm Lyft, an on-demand ride sharing initiative that makes money based on donations. It essentially helps drivers earn a few dollars, while allowing passengers save some cash to get to their destination. However, government officials are already claiming a “public health hazard” to this free market, capitalistic innovation.

Correspondent Kennedy tested the program out on a new episode of “Stossel” on the Fox Business Network (FBN). Check the video out below.

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  1. Pleas do your due diligence before.. these services are great but still #unsafe till proper regulation hits. Call your own personal insurance carrier and tell them you will be driving for a fee, they will tell you any ride given for a FARE/donation is fraud and your insurance will not be honored.. the excess policy they cover is only valid if the original policy is valid, which it wont be if they find out there was a fare.. this area is very grey now.. without TCP licences and commercial insurance these rides are at your own risk.. also make sure to read the TOS.. you will see their legal team is not the fist bumping, cookie sharing people the rest of the them are and they take little legal action for real world activities. Ask these companies for copies of their insurance policies before you ride with them.. see if they will provide them for you even.. #duedilligence #knowwhatyourgettiginto

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