10 libertarian economics books to buy this Christmas

Christmas is less than a week away and if you’re still frantically shopping to get everyone in your family a gift then this list may be your salvation. If you’re attempting to buy a present for that Keynesian, neo-conservative or socialist in your life then these Austrian economics or libertarian books are the best gifts to spread the message of liberty this holiday season.

Indeed, it’s usually best to avoid engaging in political discourse on Christmas Eve or Day. However, giving a book as a Christmas gift is the best way to open their mind to other concepts that aren’t from the pens of John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx, Irving Kristol or Naomi Klein. Of course, during the next family gathering (Easter), a political conversation can ensue.

A lot of individuals from the left-right paradigm are economically illiterate. Therefore, these 10 libertarian economic books are the best give to brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews (hey, they’re never too young to learn about politics and economics).

1. “America’s Great Depression” – Murray N. Rothbard

2. “Free to Choose” – Milton Friedman

3. “Economics in One Lesson” – Henry Hazlitt

4. “Road to Serfdom” – F.A. Hayek

5.  “Human Action” – Ludwig von Mises

6.  “End the Fed” – Ron Paul

7.  “Nation, State and Economy” – Ludwig von Mises

8.  “Man, Economy and State with Power and Market” – Murray N. Rothbard

9.  “The Law” – Frederic Bastiat

10. “What Has Government Done to Our Money?” – Murray N. Rothbard

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  1. I own all of these books, but it would be a challenge to get an American to read one economics book in a lifetime, must less to buy 10 in a year.

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