‘The Truth About Karl Marx ‘ – A man of hate, extravagance and privilege

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio has published a new video titled “The Truth About Karl Marx.” Citing information from Paul Johnson’s “Modern Times” – Thomas Sowell has also written tremendous essays on the matter – Molyneux takes a look at Marx, which most of his ardent supporters neglect or are completely unaware

Here are some takeaways from the video and the books that most people don’t know (at least the communists and Marxists that I have come across over the years during the many protests and demonstrations I’ve covered):

–          Karl Marx came from a very wealthy family.

–          He was an ardent anti-semetic; he once wrote that along with capitalism, the world would also “abolish the essence of Jewry.”

–          Continually borrowed money from Friedrich Engels (“his bitch” Molyneux points out), family, friends and moneylenders. He became enraged when the bills with interest came in.

–          Never held a regular job, though he did write a lot.

–          Didn’t appreciate those opposing his viewpoints and became angry and curt with them.

–          His extravagance included alcoholism, but not hygiene. His improvidence led to the death of his three children in early childhood, but he blamed others and not himself.

–          Never paid the household’s servants, though “dear, faith Lenchen” stayed on until his death.

–          Cheated on his wife with the maid and was the father of her child – Engels claimed it was his in order to protect Marx and to save his marriage. Engels would make the confession on Marx’s deathbed.

–          Most of his relationships were self-centered and exploitive and he was mostly a misanthropic man with much disgust for the world and humanity.


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  1. Non of which has a jot of relevance to Marx’s work. Apart from the fact it’s totally one-sided, distorted and simply wrong on some points, it’s a list of pure ad hominems.

    If this were a website for hippies, your character assassination of a non-flower person might make sense. But since you promote Ayn Randian self-interest and anti-philanthropic principles, I’m surprised the ‘Marx’ you present above isn’t one of your heroes.

  2. Eric Otness says:

    You forgot to mention how Marx when creating Communism specifically wanted to re-enact Robespierre’s Reign of Terror, and not only that, he even intended for the reenactment to be even more bloody.

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