(Shocking) Report: 5 things you’ll pay less for this year

Americans will be paying less money for goods and services in 2014? That’s hard to believe, but this brief article from CNN Money highlights five items that consumers will be doling out less in cash this year.

Of course, four out of the five things are due to advancements in technology. Consumers will be paying less not because of an increase in the value of the United States dollar or the economy is somehow improve, but rather it’s due to innovations in technology and efficiency. In other words, the private sector and the free market are saving you money.

When it comes to gas, though, it’s a reminder of one of the 2012 Republican presidential debates, where Ron Paul said he could get motorists a gallon of gasoline for one silver dime (worth about $3 to $4) because precious metals are worth more than fiat money and gas has remained flat when measured in gold and silver.

Here is the list:

1. Gold

2. Gas

3. Electric cars

4. Cellphone service

5. Tablets

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