10 red flags for an audit from the taxman

Many taxpayers are disgruntled with the way the federal government is spending their hard earned tax dollars. From politicians spending your money on frivolous projects to agencies targeting and snooping on specific groups, it’s certainly no wonder why the American people are fed up with Washington.

This might lead some tax filers to try to get as much money back as possible. This could even cause individuals to make false claims, insert inaccurate deductions and lie for tax credits. In order to avoid being red flagged by the taxman, here are 10 ways to not get audited (from CNN Money):

  1. Being too charitable
  2. Deducting a home office
  3. Weird deductions
  4. Being very rich
  5. Claiming others’ children
  6. Maintaining money overseas
  7. Claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit
  8. Deducting gas costs
  9. Turning hobby into business
  10. Not reporting income
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