Why aren’t the anti-tech protesters targeting Washington too?

You may have heard that rent in San Francisco, California these days is sky high. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment inside the city center is more than $2,500 per month – outside it’s just under $2,000.

Many people are blaming these astronomical renting costs, which are also causing many long-term renters in the city to leave, on the influx of tech workers who are getting lucrative paychecks for their talents – never mind the Federal Reserve’s inflation and the city’s “restrictive construction regulations.”

Anti-tech protests have been ramping up over the past year in the Bay Area. On Sunday, protesters demonstrated outside the home of Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose in which they demanded the search engine juggernaut to give $3 billion to an anti-capitalist organization so they can build communities across the Bay Area and Northern California.

Essentially, they want money for doing nothing.

The key question is: by using the same logic, why aren’t left-wing protesters demonstrating on Capitol Hill and in front of politicians’ homes demanding they leave the D.C. metro area?

It has been reported that seven of the top 10 richest counties are located in the D.C. suburbs. This is the epicenter for politicians to gather and hibernate during their tenure in public office. As has been noted by John Stossel, a lot of the esteemed representatives live like royalty throughout their stay in Washington.

They’re also getting very generous salaries without producing anything for the economy or doing any good for the general public. Why aren’t people in the area, who are not politicians, protesting these statesmen?

One simple answer: these left-wing protesters dislike capitalism and can easily blame all of their problems on the private sector because of economic ignorance and political indoctrination during their propaganda sessions in government schools.

An interesting point that should be made is that in this video of an exchange between protesters and Kevin Rose it was pointed out that at least one person was operating an Android phone (a product of capitalism and free markets). When asked why they’re holding one, they responded that they had no choice – it’s presumed that someone put a gun to their head to purchase one.

Google, even with its many faults of invading individuals’ privacy, has produced more for society than government ever will. If these protesters wanted to do some real good then they should head over to Mises.org, protest in front of various Federal Reserve buildings and stop being hypocritical as well as rude (oh, and cease saying like every four words).

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