Heated CNBC debate with Peter Schiff over gold (video)

Peter Schiff hasn’t been this explosive in quite a long time. Schiff appeared on CNBC on Tuesday to discuss gold, but one trader attacked the Euro Pacific Capital CEO for predicting the yellow metal would reach $5,000 at around this time. Schiff conceded that he was incorrect, but noted that he is less wrong than most of the other guests that appear on the business news network. It was indeed an interesting heated exchange.

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  1. HarryPitz says:

    It will crash, pete is right, they build it up to bring it down. Thats the system we rely upon.

  2. Yo, he just shut the guy down. What an asshole. Peter Schiff is right. Explain to everyone you know what is going on. We live in a democracy that depends on an educated people to work. We have neither. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Good luck everyone!

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