Video: A look at the immigration crisis in Sweden

In the era of Donald Trump, if he makes a statement that is 90 percent correct and the rest is incorrect then the media will go ballistic and try to fact check him to make him out a moron, liar and racist-homophobic-sexist-Islamophobic-Nazi. The mainstream media will do this even if the topic is something they have tried to avoid for so long. They take the bait every single time.

Case in point: Sweden.

The United States president made a remark about some incident “last night” in Sweden. He was wrong. There was no incident the night before in Sweden, but there have been numerous incidents in Sweden the night before, the night before that, the night before that and so on. And these facts are coming to light and being reported to millions of people who may have been unaware of the events occurring in the home of Ingmar Bergman.

Paul Joseph Watson has an incredible video out that takes a look at the immigration crisis unfolding in Sweden.

Here is the video embedded below:

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