6 random things for Friday (San Diego job loss, Fed is a currency manipulator, diversity of thought)

News Story of the Day: California will have a minimum wage of $15 per hour by the year 2023. It is gradually inching towards that amount, but one jurisdiction is getting a head start by raising it right to $11.50 an hour from $10.

San Diego decided to install a much higher minimum wage in January 2016. The effects have been horrendous: 4,000 food service jobs have been lost or have not been created at all. Ultimately, restaurants in San Diego are raising menu prices and shedding their personnel levels.

This is indeed a sign of things to come in California. Even Governor Jerry Brown contends that the minimum wage doesn’t make economic sense, but he is moving ahead with it anyway.

Chart of the Day: United Airlines has been front and center in the news cycle for the past week. After the viral video of the U.S. airline aggressively kicking off a passenger, a new chart reveals that this is part of a broad pattern. According to a chart from The Economist, United bumps more passengers off planes than any other American airline:

Illustration of the Day: here is an interesting illustration that shows the fate of world leaders who want to drop the U.S. dollar:

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Quote of the Day: it looks like foreign policy is going to remain the same for the next four years. As President Donald Trump begins to maintain the interventionist, adventure-seeking foreign policy of the past 70 years, here is a wonderful quote from former Texas Republican Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul:

“Maybe we ought to consider a Golden Rule in foreign policy: don’t do to other nations that we don’t want happening to us. We endlessly bomb these countries and then we wonder why they get upset with us.”

Tweet of the Day: this week, President Trump said that China is no longer a currency manipulator. This comes as he based his entire presidential campaign on accusing the world’s second-largest economy of being a currency manipulator. But if he doesn’t wish to name China that then why doesn’t he name the Federal Reserve as the top currency manipulator?

Video of the Day: where do you think is the least diverse place in the United States today? No, it isn’t Biloxi, Mississippi or Beverly Hills, California. It is the college campus, where the diversity of thought does not exist. Conformity is a must, the collective is all what matters. If you do not fall in line with what your professors say or what your peers believe then you will be ostracized and called all sorts of names. PragerU has a new video taking a look at the trend:

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