Were the Reality Winner leaks based on transparency or politics?

Anytime government leaks occur, everyone should be celebrating, whether it’s the right or the left. However, for the most part, one side cheers on when they’re not in power, while the other side in power censures the leaks. It’s all political theater.

Today, Democrats are happy because Trump White House leaks are rampant, but they weren’t when leaks were coming out of the Obama administration. Republicans, meanwhile, are not pleased.

Government leaking, like Edward Snowden, should always be championed.

What makes the Reality Winnter case interesting is that her purpose wasn’t for transparency and limited government principles but rather politics – she claims being white constitutes as terrorism. Even if the end result leads to a weaker government, her motives should still be questioned. Snowden’s leaks stemmed from his concern over government tyranny; Winner’s leaks originated from her hatred of Trump and the typical social justice nosense.

Tucker Carlson discusses this matter in the video embedded below:

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