Jim Rogers: Investors should avoid U.S. and park money in Japan, Russia

Investing in the United States right now is quite the mixed bag. The U.S. dollar is beginning to tumble, the stock market is still surging and the political uncertainty is affecting domestic markets.

How do you play it?

According to Jim Rogers, Chairman of Rogers Holdings and legendary contrarian investor, you avoid the U.S. and park your money in Russia, China and Japan.

Speaking in an interview with the Fox Business Network (FBN) on Wednesday, Rogers explained that American and European markets aren’t going anywhere and if investors have some spare money then they should seek greener pastures elsewhere. He added that China and Russia are creating agricultural behemoths, and even sanctions in Moscow are creating new sectors.

“These markets [U.S. and Europe] are all depressed compared to history,” he said.

“They’ve forced together with the Asians. Agriculture is booming because nobody can sell to them and they can’t buy from us. So their agriculture is booming. Chinese are everywhere. Their yields are very, very high. You can get 10% in Rubles and in my view the Ruble has stabilized so it’s a lot better than 2% in America.”

Despite its immense volumes of debt, Rogers believes Japan and the yen are more valuable than the U.S. and the greenback.

“There’s a lot of money there, [in Japan], gigantic amounts of money,” he said. “It’s not good for Japan long term but the stocks are cheap and the government is printing and spending huge amounts of money and it’s going into the stock market.”

In the end, avoid the U.S. and Europe and start heading east.

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