Is the right becoming a bunch of sensitive snowflakes like the left?

Free speech is the most important right in the United States – and should be around the world. The right to free speech isn’t there to allow us to talk about the weather or sports, but to permit us to speak about controversial subjects and spout opinions that may not be universally accepted.

Unfortunately, free speech is under significant attack by the left…and now the right.

During the reign of Obama, the rise of social justice led to university campuses censoring certain forms of speech, newspapers using politically correct language and safe spaces to shield sensitive souls from views they disagree with. It was a sorry state of affairs, and it was (rightly) mocked by many.

However, the tables appear to have been turned: so far, throughout the Trump tenure, the right is metastasizing into sensitive snowflakes like those they have ridiculed for so long. This has become evident over the past month, when comedians lost their jobs and stage plays interrupted.

Over the weekend, the controversial interpretation of William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” in New York City was disrupted three times by right-wing protesters. They argued that the play was disrespectful to President Trump and that it has been contributing to the left’s violent behavior.

At first, you can be jovial because it is the left getting a taste of its own medicine. Once you start to think about it, you lead to one conclusion: the right is helping the left in waging war against free speech. This is a dangerous trend.

For the last 10 years, the left has attempted to thwart free speech because they can’t hear opinions they don’t like. Will the right engage in similar tactics over the next 10 years because they can’t hear opinions they don’t like? Let’s certainly hope not.

Some conservative figures in the new media have dismissed the last few events as nothing more than isolated incidents and that it’s something that should be welcomed. They have added a caveat: if it becomes a growing movement then it will be troublesome for the future of the nation.

Let’s be honest: one isolated act that attacks free speech will eventually lead to countless other repeats by both sides of the aisle.

That said, akin to the left, the right hasn’t been consistent in supporting free speech. In 2006, many conservatives and Republicans were outraged by the 2006 British docudrama, “Death of a President.” It was a film about the fictional account of the assassination of President George W. Bush, and it upset the right bigly. The right tried to ban the movie. That was wrong.

Whether you’re right or left, you should continually support free speech in all of its forms. A fake severed head of the president or criticisms of transgenderism, a fake assassination of the president or satire of Allah, free speech is priceless and must be well guarded and protected by all political stripes.

Eventually, controversial topics will not be talked about, the media will continue to be dumbed down (if it already isn’t, eh CNN?) and nobody can say anything without fear of retribution.

The left may be intellectually bankrupt, but why should the right adopt similar methods? It shouldn’t.

Free speech for all – even your political adversaries.

I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death for your right to say it.

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