Winning? What happens when the left, right shut down free speech?

One of the reasons why Democrats and the left have lost governing power in the United States is because reasonable Americans are disturbed by the regressive trends occurring, everywhere from college campuses to riots on the streets.

For the last decade, the right has defended free speech, vilifying the special snowflakes attempting to quash open dialogue. This is part of the reason why the Republicans have mega powers in the country right now – the right has appeared far more reasonable than social just warriors.

Now that Donald Trump is president, the right is gradually adopting the tactics of the left: limiting free speech.

Whether it is trying to get brands to pull their advertisements from television programs to disrupting Shakespeare plays, the right is metastasizing, day by day, into the left. And nobody should ever want that to happen because then the right and left have officially converged in one goal: censoring speech, either directly or indirectly.

1791L has a great video out that dissects this development in the U.S. (this is one of the best channels on YouTube today):

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