Trump’s Watch: Monthly federal spending tops $400 billion for first time

The United States government does not having a revenue problem. Washington has a spending problem. And it doesn’t matter who is in office – R or D or Donald Trump – the state will continue to spend like drunken sailors (sorry drunken sailors).

According to the Treasury Department, federal spending topped $400 billion for the first time in June as the government spent a record $428,894,000,000. The previous single month record was in March 2017 ($392.816 billion).

In June, the government received $338,660,000,000 in taxes, running a monthly deficit of $90.233 billion.

Here is the Treasury’s chart:

President Trump may be entertaining a plethora of people with his administration’s attacks against the media, but his policies achieve two things: maintain the status quo and make American even poorer.

Let’s hope his supporters take the president to task like they did (rightfully so) to President Obama.

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