‘Book of Revelation’: Now we know why Al Gore won’t debate climate scientists (video)

For years, former United States Vice President Al Gore has refused to debate climate scientists and overall skeptics of his doom and gloom prognostications (and perhaps his hypocritical lifestyle).

Why does he refuse to participate in debates? He says because the science is settled and debate is unnecessary.

Well, it’s perhaps because he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and that he needs to stick to talking points, similar to what he does in the clip below.

Ostensibly, to promote his new film “An Inconvenient Sequel,” Gore keeps reiterating the same line “every night on the television news now is like a nature walk through the Book of Revelation.” The Washington Free Beacon put together a compilation of the same line.

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  1. The Climate Change Environuts know if you repeat something enough times, people without common sense will believe it.
    Al Gore the bore, proves it in your video. I saw AG on a talk show were he was asked by a Chesapeake Bay fisherman who has a crab shack in the water, why he has not seen the water level in the bay change in 50 years. AG did not have an answer and changed the subject to storms and the guy told him the storms were not getting any worse. AG was speechless, which is how I like him.

    • Jeff Pearce says:

      hahahha. Saw the Dummy asked that question from the fisherman also. What most do not grasp in this decades long scam of the universe is that not even AG believes this. What he does understand that his myrmidon’s & sycophants do not is this is a scam. He knows this. Imagine the psychological mindset this prick has of a feeling of superiority over the unwashed masses. These misanthropes are psychopath’s.

  2. Jeff Davidson says:

    A person may be smart but people are most often stupid. The masses will believe what they are told without question time and time again. Fortunately, the ten year timeline of doom and ridiculous predictions Gore made in his bullshit movie eleven years ago have not even remotely come close to fruition that many individuals have removed themselves from the zombies of mind controlled masses to realize on their own that AG and the so called proven science behind his bullshit were just that bullshit! Gore is a charlatan and I believe the majority has finally started to see the real man behind the mask!

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