Women earned 56% of bachelor’s degrees in 2015, dominate family sciences, education

In today’s world, women can do whatever they want. They can attend any university they wish, study any subject they wish, work in any field they wish. The idea that they are still being oppressed by the male patriarchy is asinine.

According to 2015 data from the United States Department of Education, women earned more than 56 percent of all bachelor’s degrees – why aren’t feminists outraged by the lack of 50-50 representation?

When you start diving deeper into what women are studying and earning degrees in, you can see that they tend to be attracted to non-STEM fields.

For instance, the five fields of study for women were family and consumer sciences (87.75 percent), health professions and social services (84 percent), education (80 percent), psychology (77.2 percent) and gender studies (70.5 percent). The bottom five fields of study were mechanic technologies (6.5 percent), construction trades (7.29 percent), engineering (11.5 percent), transportation (12.27 percent) and computer sciences (18 percent).

Here is an interesting take from AEI’s Mark Perry in relation to the Google fiasco:

Now that Google is in the media spotlight for one of its engineer’s diversity memo, it’s interesting to note that the female share of computer science degrees (18%) is about the same as the female share of Google’s tech jobs (20%). And the female share of Google’s not-tech jobs (48%) is about the same as the female share of business bachelor’s degrees (47.4%), assuming that a business degree might be the most common college degree required for those positions.

Here is the AEI chart:

Table of the day: Bachelor’s degrees by field and gender for the Class of 2015

Whenever you hear feminists whining about how women aren’t supposedly represented in Silicon Valley, it is because they choose not to be. Ultimately, the argument can be summarized by this illustration:

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