Is YouTube continuing the conservative, libertarian purge?

Whether you’re simply speaking in front of a camera or you’re covering a protest, if you’re somehow promoting a conservative or libertarian message, then be prepared to be purged from YouTube.

Although the purge has been the dominant theme on YouTube in 2017, it seems to have been accelerated in the last week (does it have anything to do with James Damore?) Something as innocent as Economic Policy Journal’s Robert Wenzel’s videos, which are not inflammatory, controversial or hateful at all, are facing demonetization. He just talks about economics.

Well, in the last week, We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski, Wenzel, Paul Joseph Watson and even Diamond & Silk are all reporting that their videos have been demonetized.

Here is what Rudkowksi tweeted:

Yes, we all know that YouTube is a private company and should be able to do whatever it pleases. That said, it is an interesting sign of times when promoting free speech is seen as hate speech.

Watson had this to say about it:

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  1. Rabelrouser says:

    Those who promote a socialist / communist ideaology will consistantly fight against any form of Free Speach that counters that ideaology.
    This is a form of mind control, plain and simple; one that represents an “dumbing down of the individual for the purpose of increasing the ideaology as the only “truth”.
    AS long as the individual continues to search for the real truth of any subject, and rejects this form of “mind control” by ignoring the one sided idealogical the promoters of such will wither away due to lack of financial support; as well they should.
    Real Free Enterprise at Work.

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