Chart: Black Separatist is most active hate group in U.S., KKK is second

You have likely heard by now that all white people are racist and are responsible for what happened over the weekend. The left will constantly say that white people are KKK members and Nazis, causing them to make fools of themselves.

But you would be surprised to find out what so-called hate organization is leading the country.

According to data from Statista, the most active hate group in the United States today is the Black Separatist movement. Here is the chart:

Infographic: America's Active Hate Groups  | Statista

All of these groups are ridiculous in nature, and they don’t provide any real discourse and dialogue to any issue. The best response is to ignore them.

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  1. This is ridiculous! How many of you have actual evidence in your own towns and states of black people separating themselves…the ghetto? And if you saw it, was it threatening to you your physical person in any way?
    Nice try!
    Name the groups whereabouts because I have been alive over 50 yrs and lived in 7 states…I would like to meet this huge group of folks…

    • I’ve lived in 10 states in just the last 12 years and can tell you that there are black hate groups that specifically target white people. Orlando, Charlotte, Seattle, CHICAGO, Dallas. Easy question for you (if you’re white)….Do you feel completely safe driving into a predominantly black area ally by yourself, late at night? You think the black gangs are assimilating to society? The ‘huge’ group of people is found in most large inner cities where they teach their children to hate whites and that whites are responsible for all of their problems yet they don’t mention how slavery got started, that 72% of their children are born to single mothers or that they account for 50% of the murders in this country while only making up 13% of the population.

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