LOL: Leftists triggered by free speech comedy show in Toronto

Not even Canada is immune from leftists equating free speech with Nazism and fascism.

Over the weekend, in Toronto, a comedy show celebrating free speech was shut down because leftists caused the club to cancel the act. There were threats of violence, and someone even damaged the lock to the comedy club so no one could enter.

It turns out that the joke was on the leftists. Why? Because the event’s description consisted of a disclaimer: “If you’re an ACTUAL NAZI or WHITE SUPREMACIST or anything of this sort you ARE NOT WELCOME.”

So, are the leftists protesting the comedy show because white supremacists and Nazis were not permitted?


Ostensibly, the community was concerned about some of the content and thought it would be offensive to some.

Interestingly enough, the main comedian is Jewish!

Here is the news report:

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