Where’s BLM & feminists? Study estimates 40.3 million people are enslaved worldwide

The left whines about a multi-millionaire football not receiving an NFL contract. The left shrieks about statues. The left cries about raw cotton displays. But where is the left, Black Lives Matter and feminists when it comes to modern global slavery?

Millions of Americans are moaning about something that happened 200 years ago, but they have remained relatively silent on today’s slavery figures in places like Africa and Arab states.

The International Labor Organization (ILO), International Organization for Migration and Walk Free Foundation published their “Global Estimates of Modern Slavery” study and found that more than 40 million people are enslaved worldwide.

There are two main issues at play: forced labor and forced marriages – study authors say the word marriage is “misleading” because it is more like “sexual slavery.” The former accounts for more than half of slavery, while the latter represents more than one-third.

Of the 40.3 million slaves, 71 percent of them are women and girls, and one-quarter of them are minors.

Researchers listed Africa and Asia as the biggest regions of slavery.

In the end, because it can be extremely difficult to conduct research in particular areas, the 40.3 million figure is likely conservative.

And people hate the West? Is this why tens of millions of people clamor to come to the United States, Canada and Great Britain?

It’s too bad that BLM and feminist groups are concentrating their efforts on getting free abortions and receiving entertainment awards rather than protesting slavery in Africa and Muslim nations.

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