Are You Ready for Some Politics? NFL ratings, attendance on the decline

Are you ready for some…POLITICS?

NFL players have the right to take a knee during the national anthem and fuse sports and politics…but NFL fans also have the right not to watch.

The NFL, known for its double standards, is in quite a bind right now: continue to support players ignoring the Star Spangled Banner or continue to bleed red ink.

There are two things that are killing the league: tumbling television ratings and declining attendance.

First, “Thursday Night Football,” the Sunday games and “Monday Night Football” experienced a 12 percent decrease from last year – some reports suggest that it’s down as much as 19 percent. The weeks get worse: Week Two suffered new lows on TV, and Week Three plunged.

Analysts are warning that television networks could lose as much as $200 million in lost ad revenue and earnings. Overall, NFL ratings are on a downward spiral, despite the leadership attempting to make enticing early games.

Second, Breitbart is reporting that attendance is also plummeting, especially in the West Coast.

The website notes:

The NFL doesn’t just have a ratings problem, it also has a major attendance problem. Particularly among the California teams, who don’t appear to be able to draw flies.

Each of the season’s first three games saw dwindling attendance for both the Los Angeles Rams and the Charges so far this season, and many posts on social media have featured nearly empty stadiums for the two Los Angeles-based teams.

Even with the game played in San Francisco on Thursday night, The Rams and 49ers had trouble filling Levi’s Stadium.

Can this be because of the protests occurring on the field? Perhaps.

Studies have found that sports generally attract conservatives more than liberals, especially when it comes to key sports like football and baseball. Therefore, it is safe to say that right-wingers would be less supportive of athletes taking a knee than leftists would.

It is further evident that politics and sports have converged in the age of President Donald Trump. LeBron James called out President Trump, the president has entered into a feud with the Golden State Warriors, and some MLB players are beginning to kneel during the anthem.

Indeed, people tend to turn into baseball, hockey and curling to escape our daily troubles. We don’t care what Tom Brady thinks about trade tariffs, what Mookie betts thinks about the North Korean situation or what Stephen Curry thinks about the Federal Reserve’s unwinding of the $4 trillion balance sheet.

Can we just play ball? Can we see multi-millionaires showcase their talents for a few hours?

In the end, Trump Derangement Syndrome has ruined sports – but the market will eventually sort it all out.


Jerseys for Alejandro Villanueva, the Pittsburgh Steeler who was the only member of his team to stand for the national anthem, are nearly sold out.

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  1. I am a retired Naval Officer and retired deputy sheriff. Oh yea I am a black male. Now three generations of men in my family all served proudly in the United States military, I grew up in the projects and I thank God everyday for my parents. I always said I was raised right to do the right thing. We were tought not to accept hand outs or identify myself as a victim. These overpaid athletes who disrespect the flag of the United States which we have our young people voluntaring to providing for thier security with the freedoms to play a kids game . They need to come to reality and realize who paid the sacrifies, for them to display such respect. I say tank football i will not watch one game this season or any other season until these owners stand up for this country. In addition, I encourage and speakout aginst the NFL to anyone who is undecided if they will watch it or not. Also, I will do the same against the NBA. I am sick and tired of the pampered athetes that have evolved in the country. You guys are not that important ok, we can do without professional sports, ok. I don’t know if any of you pampered athletes remember when football season was on strike, humm, the country will survive without you. We wil start watching another sport, u will soon see. Wtah your rating tank and your popularity continue to plummed. You will be the end to your own demise. Time to wake up America cause there are countries out there waiting for us to fall. This country has steadily been divided for the pass 8 years. Time to open our eyes. United we stand divided we fall.

    • Bill Larson says:

      I served in the USAF during the Viet Nam Era, at that time we were required to travel in uniform. Because military were spit on and called “baby killers”, we travelled through the airports in civilian clothes, changed into our uniforms prior to boarding the airplane, changed back into civilian clothes after arriving at our destination. We never were appreciated, never felt proud because of they way we were treated!!! When the NFL players knelt during the National Anthiem, I felt the same Disrespect, was like being Spit upon Again! By a bunch of spoiled bunch of oppressed millionaires!!!!

  2. I can’t agree more. What a bunch of spoiled brats who disrespect our flag, who we are, and heroes who gave their life do they can play football for living while average American pave their way. They are disrespecting other professional athletes who served war such as Ted Williams. Maybe if we quit watching professional athletes make millions and get a real job like pro athletes did back in the day, that would what the doctor ordered.

  3. thomas myers says:

    i just cancelled the football package and refuse to have any football in the house until the players stand for our flag. now I’m thinking about staying away from products that are advertised during the games.Veterans Day weekend is coming up and I really hope we have a big impact. Rally to the flag

  4. Dot Reddy says:

    Cringed when reading about how “In the end, Trump Derangmnt Syndrome ruined sports.” (How many popularity ponts scored for that one??) He tweeted, then a mass escalation ensued among players, to the point of violence and intentional, serious injury to a white playerr. Escalation of protests followed. More accurate to say that, in the end, astonishing arrogance of players and ANTI-TRUMP Derangement Syndrome ruined sports.

  5. Trying not to make a big deal about this flag protest! The owners need to appoligise lock the players out and try this thing next year with a promise not to ask or hire any current player back Rob

  6. Well how do I start my post. A lot of people here have made racial statements to the fact that Trump is the klann in waiting and that if you voted for the Press you to must be a klann man. May I teach the some History The Dems invented the klann Hillary asked for Robert Burds of W Varginia endorsement so know your history. if your a demacrat your a racist

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