Is Rand Paul the only fiscal conservative in the Republican Party?

Is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul the only fiscally sane member of the Republican Party? Day by day, the answer is (mostly) a resounding yes.

The Tea Party senator was the only Republican to vote on on last week’s $4 trillion budget resolution for fiscal year 2018 – it passed 51-49 in the Senate. What makes this Senate version even more ridiculous is that it adds $1.5 trillion in new debt and it doesn’t include the House’s $203 billion in spending cuts.

Here is a clip of Senator Paul slamming the budget:

That said, Republicans are celebrating because they are one step closer to achieving tax reform – a myth, a con, a scan. But what good is tax reform if spending stays the same or goes up and the national debt skyrockets?

Republicans were never really serious about balancing the books, cutting spending or bringing back fiscal sanity to Washington. It was all mendacity in the Obama years. They’re terrified of making massive cuts to Medicare, food and farm programs, housing subsidies and transportation.

Why? Because they want to keep their seats in next year’s mid-term elections.

Remembers, Americans, whether they’re R or D, never really want to get spending under control. They still want their goodies – it’s the other guy’s goodies they want cut.

Tax cuts are great, but they need to also be complemented with spending cuts. If not, you’re going to have an even greater fiscal mess.

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