Week in Review: October 23 to October 29

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff:

Jimmy Carter: Obama reneged on promises, media harder on Trump, U.S. is fading

Saudi billionaire prince says bitcoin ‘is Enron in the making’

Is Rand Paul the only fiscal conservative in the Republican Party?

BOOM: Rand Paul slams ‘warmonger’ Lindsey Graham over Niger

Ron Paul: Donald Trump’s Federal Reserve picks are more of the same

WATCH: College & housing bubbles that are about to pop

REPORT: Donald Trump may renominate Janet Yellen to Federal Reserve

HEROIC: Rand Paul slams Republicans, Democrats for wasting your money

WATCH: Ron Paul talks Pentagon expanding the war on terror in Africa

Donald Trump says Janet Yellen ‘is very impressive’, likes her a lot

The Latest Innovation in Inflation Targeting

FAIL: Boston pizza shop paying a ‘fair wage’, sharing profits shuts down

6 random things for Friday (JFK assassination, statists, ‘Useful Idiots’)

Should the U.S. emulate Switzerland’s healthcare system?

Trump economy tops 3% GDP growth in Q3 – should we care?

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