WATCH: Sad aftermath of a Sears Canada liquidation sale in Toronto

Many consumers have fond memories of combing over the Sears Catalogue. Looking to buy stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have is a cherished pastime for millions of people across the United States and Canada.

However, after failing to adapt to the changing retail landscape and maintaining a depressing business model for so many years, Sears is going bankrupt. As part of its insolvency, Sears Canada announced that it would liquidate its 100-plus stores rather than restructure its operations.

As part of the liquidation process, Sears is advertising discounts as much as 80 percent at all of its stores, though reports suggest that it is rare to find such a massive sale.

But that hasn’t stopped shoppers in the Great White North.

A video is making the rounds that shows the aftermath of a liquidation sale at a Sears Canada location in Toronto. This is straight out of a horror movie, but without the zombies or monsters.

Here is the video embedded below:

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  1. People should think further, what happen after all those retail apocalypse are said and done.

    Writing is on the wall, It is not time to celebrate the discount, it’s time to repent, vigilant and get your house in order.

    Live a holy and righteous life so that you may escape what is to come.

    Sadly, most people are short sighted, clueless about what is coming, cannot connect the dots, living in denial, not informed , refuse to accept the facts and etc.

    Writing is on the wall, get your house in order.

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