WATCH: Amazon’s Alexa is a wacky leftist

Why anyone would want Amazon Alexa in their home is truly baffling. It is essentially a spying device, one that you permit to invade your privacy. Alexa and all of the other home devices are just like smart TVs that listen in on you a la “1984.” With Jeff Bezos becoming a bigger crony day by day and partnering with the intelligence community, you can easily predict what will happen in the future.

Ostensibly, these home devices are also equipped with leftist ideologies.

Steven Crowder and Not Gary Jared had a session with Alexa, and they discovered something interesting: Alexa is a wacky leftist who spouts all of the usual communist social justice warrior propaganda.

It is further evidence that Silicon Valley is one giant leftist community.

Here is the hilarious video:

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