American Pravda: PV releases new video exposing The Washington Post

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have released the first part of their latest American Pravda series spotlighting The Washington Post. It is exactly what you expect: a reporter admitting that the newspaper is biased against President Donald Trump. Who knew?!

The video is hardly getting mentioned in the mainstream media because the leftist media are concentrating entirely on the mistake made by Project Veritas when attempting to expose the newspaper. They tried to plant a fake news story by having a woman claim to be impregnated by Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore when she was young.

It was a ridiculous stunt. PV and O’Keefe don’t need to do these kinds of things, considering how badly damaged journalism in America is today. WaPo publishes enough garbage that PV and O’Keefe don’t need to take these types of risks. At the same time, the media shouldn’t really be celebrating because WaPo did what it should always do: fact-check, verify and triple check.

Here is the latest video:

Can these videos stop with the “like” please?

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