6 random things for Friday (PJW censored, the top 1%, bitcoin bubble)

News Story of the Day: Paul Joseph Watson recorded a new video that takes a look at President Donald Trump and his decision to retweet content from Britain First.

Of course, this unleashed a flurry of IMPEACH DRUMPF NOW nonsense, and the media jacked it up to 11 rather than just being calm and saying it was wrong to do tweet.

As always, Watson provided some context and level-headed analysis. Unfortunately, YouTube did not approve of his take on the matter so they censored him. It did not contain hate speech, it did not contain foul language, it did not contain nudity. It was merely Watson talking.

Yes, YouTube is a private company and can do whatever it pleases, but it just shows the bias the company has.

Chart of the Day: no matter how much evidence you show to progressives, they will always accuse the top 1 percent of not paying their fair share. Well, here is another chart that highlights, once again, that the rich pay more than their fair share – a lot more than the bottom 95 percent.

Illustration of the Day: there are reports that Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is likely getting ready to run for president in 2020. Here is what you can expect his first day in office to be like:

Image result for bernie sanders meme

Quote of the Day: legend Lew Rockwell recently wrote about the “three national treasures”: Rothbard, Hazlitt and Hutt. Rockwell is optimistic about the future because their work is still being discovered by those wanting the truth.

Here is an excerpt from the piece:

Like Mises, these three giants exhibit extraordinary ability, courage, personal gentleness, and an unbending adherence to principle. In an age when loot-seeking is the norm among politicians — governmental and academic — Hazlitt, Hutt, and Rothbard have held high the banner of truth and freedom. They have faced immense pressure to retreat, but never wavered. Today they are still at work extending the scholarship of freedom. Despite the barriers they have faced in the past, today their influence is spreading. And it will continue to do so. In their fight for liberty and the free market, they have one asset the other side cannot match: the truth

Tweet of the Day: we have seen this in every bubble before – China, American real estate, Dutch tulip bulbs – when a 93-year-old grandmother gives you stock tips, then you know to run away. Or a shoeshine boy…

Video of the Day: if you have turned on CNN or read The New York Times in the last week or so, you have probably learned how the Republican tax bill will kill anyone who is not in the top one percent. Hardly. It’s a pretty bad tax reform bill that merely shifts around the tax burden. But if the tax legislation does benefit the rich, then so what?

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