WISDOM: How to be unhappy in today’s world

If you are constantly whining about your problems, complaining about the life you lead and blaming others for your mistakes, then you will never be happy. Moreover, if you are never satisfied with what you have and what you will receive, then you will never be happy and you will never get more.

That’s the way life works.

PragerU is out with a splendid video called “The Key to Unhappiness.” Although it provides tricks to be a happier person, the video does serve as a great description for most millennials today. They’re never pleased as they act like spoiled children. This is because they demand more – free education, free Internet, free smartphones, free money.

Here is the video:

Moving forward, be grateful and thankful for the smallest of things. You will realize that once you incorporate these into your daily life, you’ll be a much more pleasant individual.

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