WATCH: CNN giggles at Trump drinking water

If the media did not have double standards, it would not have any standards at all.

On Tuesday, CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Aliysn Camerota giggled like little school girls over the way President Donald Trump drinks his water. For the second time in the last few weeks, President Trump has had to use two hands to sip his water.

Here is CNN poking fun at the situation:

Then there are the endless tweets (courtesy of Infowars):

There are two scenarios as to why he uses two hands to grip a glass or bottle of water: Trump’s tiny hands or he has arthritis.

If it is the second option, then the media are a bunch of hypocrites. Didn’t they say it was wrong to talk about Hillary Clinton’s health? Then how come it is all of a sudden OK (again) to poke fun at his possible health issues?

By all means, make fun of the president for the way he drinks water. Just be consistent in your stances.

In the end, Trump may just be trolling the media again.

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