STUDY: CNN tops list of most polarizing media brands

Let’s face it: the state of journalism is in terrible shape. The left-wing bias infiltrating most newsrooms across the United States, and the rest of the world, is just one facet causing a black eye to some of the biggest media brands out there.

Fake news, shoddy reporting, and double standards are some of the other elements prompting Americans to hang their heads in shame.

Thankfully, President Donald Trump has taken on the media, and he has been brutally honest with the reporters. And he isn’t even spying (yet) on journalists, unlike former President Barack Obama.

With the media declared as “the enemy of the people” by the Trump administration – and anyone who doesn’t cave to the postmodernists – who do the American people exactly consider as the enemy?

Morning Consult Brand Intelligence released the results of a new survey that looked at the most polarizing brands in the U.S. today. Of the top 15, 12 of them were media companies! Yikes.

Who took the overall top spot? CNN!

Here are the top 12 most polarizing media companies are:​

1) CNN

T-2) Fox News

T-2) NBC News

4) New York Times


6) ABC News

7) CBS News

8) Washington Post

9) Fox Business

10) HuffPost

11) Time Magazine

12) CBS

Here is the entire list:

Is anyone surprised?

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